About Status Credit Corp.

Status Credit’s mission is to offer the most affordable, accurate and accessible information on US and international businesses.We aim to give you more information at a lower cost than our “traditional” competitors for every type of report.

US businesses pay 60% more than they need to for quality business credit information on US and international businesses. The industry giants are overcharging by $90 for a US or Canadian Comprehensive Report and $250 for an International Comprehensive Report. The result is that most US small businesses are not using business credit information when making trade credit granting decisions due to the cost factor and are either not maximising their revenues by trading too cautiously or are running the danger of bad debts by trading too riskily.

Status Credit's Co-Founder and CEO, Neil Jones helped change the market for business credit information in the UK and is committed to do the same in the USA.

What we think

"US businesses should have access to quality, affordable intelligence to make informed trading decisions. That is our over-riding goal!"
" The price of information for US businesses is over twice what it should be. The greed of our 'traditional' competitors has hindered US businesses for too long. Status Credit breaks that status quo."

Neil Jones, CEO, Status Credit