International Business Credit Information Reports

Our aim is to make your decision about doing business with trading partners overseas more informed and more cost effective.

The effective monopoly of D&B in the USA has denied US businesses access to cost effective international business credit reports, with the industry giant charging $389.99 for a European report and $169.99 for Canadian reports. Fresh investigations cost anything between $389.99 and $599.99.

US businesses deserve better – better information and better prices. At Status Credit, we give you both.

We have instant online reports available on over 36 million foreign companies in 20 countries – including Canada and all the major European Union economies. If the business you want to research is in one of the other 169 countries, our international network of partners enables us to offer a freshly investigated report.

Our standard price is $59 for all of our instant online, comprehensive reports; our prices for fresh investigations are between $139 and $349 – depending on the country and speed of service that you require.

Europe – 19 countries instantly online at $59 per report - that’s faster and over $330 cheaper than D&B per report.

We have instant online access to the information of over 34 million companies in 19 countries in Europe, you get more information, and faster, than if you used D&B.

Our 19 online countries are: Germany, France, the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Iceland and Malta.

At only $59 for our instant online comprehensive report, you save over $330 per report on D&B’s list price.

To view a sample of our UK Comprehensive Report, click here.

To view a sample of our German Comprehensive Report, click here.

To view a sample of our French Comprehensive Report, click here.

Fresh Investigations – every country from $139 to $349, a saving of $250 per report compared with D&B.

If the business that you want information on is located in one of the 169 countries where we offer fresh investigated reports from our partners in 2 to 10 days.

The cost varies based on the speed of service you require and the country where the company is located. For example, a report on a Brazilian company using our standard service of 7-10 days would cost $199 and a report on a Chinese company using our urgent service of 2-4 days would be $349. If you used Status Credit rather than D&B, your savings would be $250 per report.

And here’s the secret, in many countries we and D&B use exactly the same partner.